Reasons Why Veneers Are Better Than Teeth Whitening

3 Reasons Why Veneers Are Better Than Teeth Whitening

If you are looking for ways to improve your smile, you will find that a change in a smile can be as simple as a little cosmetic change. May involve more extensive recovery of teeth. The two most popular smile enhancement treatments are tooth whitening and dental veneers.

However, everyone has their methods, benefits, and disadvantages. In this guide, you will find three reasons why veneers are better than Teeth whitening.

What is teeth whitening? 

Teeth whitening is an ideal method for those who have healthy teeth without the feeling of restoration and gum problems. Those who only like to get rid of yellow spots will respond best. However, not everyone is an adequate nominee for this cosmetic procedure to whiten teeth.

What is a dental veneer?

 A dental veneer is the appearance of a thin layer of tooth color attached to the front of the tooth. These coatings are made with a variety of materials, usually based on porcelain.

Why are veneers better than teeth whitening?

Veneers are usually better than teeth whitening. But why are veneers better? ok, let’s see why veneers are better-

Repairs all kinds of dental defects

 A dental veneer can repair many dental defects, such as worn tooth enamel, crooked teeth, uneven gaps between teeth, discoloration, and cracked or broken teeth. But teeth whitening cannot solve all kinds of problems.

Results are available immediately.

A patient at Veneers gets results very quickly. He doesn’t have to wait for his dental problems. On the other hand teet,h whitening may not give results very quickly, and it takes some time.

Permanent change 

Dental veneers suggest permanent dental changes. If taken care of appropriately, they can remain for 15 years or more before being replaced. On the other hand, teeth whitening is not a permanent solution.

Can we benefit from dental veneers at any age?

Absolutely. The sequence of the dental veneer does not indicate any age limit. Since this method is not contorted or interfering, it does not pose any trouble to the patient. Lumineers veneers are very thin (0.2 mm thick) and do not require cutting teeth most of the time for their installation, and there is no anesthesia. Thus it is applied equally to growing teeth and as well as adult teeth.

In addition, the procedure is easy and quick. Two sessions with a practitioner will be enough to put on a new smile for you! In addition, veneers can bring many benefits at any age of life. In the case of young children, they are an alternative to heavy orthodontic treatment or to repair damaged or broken teeth.

 In the case of elderly patients, they allow the correction of existing prostheses. It should be noticed that there are numerous contraindications to this approach. However, a clinical assessment by a dentist who only works in a particular case will be possible to decide this.

Conclusion: Although teeth whitening and dental veneer are both methods of whitening teeth, there are some differences. A dental veneer can fix all kinds of dental problems immediately. Therefore dental veneers are better than teeth whitening.

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